This blog is an exercise for an online course in advanced distance educational technologies that members of our Instructional Design team are taking.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Well, I am a little late

Finally sat down to the RSS exercises today. I dutifully added a site link ... does that mean I burned my blog? I also added a feed from my daughter Kim's Beauty Blog. My son Ben said that there would be a new video up on the Maui Glassblowing website sometime this week - when it happens I will add a feed from that site, too. Might as well keep this all in the family...hmmm wonder if Josh has a feed from his site, too....?? Well, sure enough...he does!!! See below!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Create a banner:

I chose to create my banner at http://www.cooltext.com (it's free for casual use) and it is being used as a footer for this page.

This business about not being able to post images is a PAIN

The version of WebCT we are using has the "insert image" button turned off for students in the javascript html editing window. So you have to post your images here, then insert a link in your WebCT post pointing to it. AARRGGGHHHH. So here is the image I want to put in my posting

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Las Vegas Team

Welcome from Team Las Vegas.

Click here to see the team video introduction!

Team Las Vegas members are Paul Blonsky, MBA, Dr. Mauri Collins, Christine Ditzler MA and Ginger Spencer MA. We are instructional designers at the Office of Distance Education, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Team member Paul Blonsky put together this video introduction. It is stored on our Real Media Streaming server. We think he did a great job, considering the talent he had to work with!

Thoughts of Beauty

My alma mata - for my D.Ed.

My alma mata - for my D.Ed.